Climate Controlled Storage Makes a Difference

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Temperature extremes can harm valuable possessions so more and more people are opting for climate controlled storage options.

Collecting possessions in a self-storage unit often makes sense and a climate controlled storage facility can make even more sense in Madison WI. In an area where temperature variations are frequent and exaggerated, an ability to keep important and valuable property safe is paramount. Extreme winter cold and excessive summer heat can damage a wide range of things. You need not put your valuables at risk.

Consider How Temperature Swings Impact Your Items

Basic physics dictates that material expand in heat and contract in cold. These acts of nature can be detrimental to all sorts of things. What do you want to store that can benefit from climate control? Typical items that benefit from climate controlled environments:

  • Computers
  • Stereo equipment/electronics
  • Painting
  • Photos
  • Books
  • Business documents
  • Fabric Items
  • Antiques
  • Wooden furniture

Additional considerations when opting for specialized self-storage should be based upon the overall value of each piece – and value should be weighed in terms of dollars and what something is truly worth to you…sentimental value. If any of your possessions are extremely valuable or very special to you, a controlled environment is an investment.

Additional Factors In Favor Of Climate Controlled Storage

Once you’ve determined what you want to store and what it’s worth, consider:

  • Time counts — How long will the individual pieces be in the storage unit? The longer anything is stored, the more changes in the environment around it will have an impact. Long-term plans? Consider a secure and climatically controlled environment.
    • If you’re not sure how long possessions will be in the storage unit, it is better to be cautious and opt for a long-term solution rather than try to change later.
    • Frequent visits — If you’re plan includes frequent visits to the storage unit, consider a non-controlled space. The more often the space is opened and you go in and out, the less efficient the climate controls will be.
  • Evaluate real costs — An important part of the real cost over and above the monthly fee is the actual cost to replace an item damaged by heat or cold (if it can be replaced at all).
  • No extremes — Leather, clothing and other fabric items are less likely to fade, yellow or lose their feel when temperature extremes are eliminated.
  • Cleaner surroundings — Because they are a sealed environment, environmentally controlled storage units are overall cleaner since dust and dirt is kept out more rigorously than with a standard self-storage space.

Our climate controlled storage units in Madison WI maintain a consistent temperature range from 60°F to 75°F, and the units are designed to prevent infiltration of dust, pests and other threats to valuables. Maintaining a near constant temperature helps to eliminate the impact of humidity, too.

As residents have embraced the idea of secure, climate controlled spaces, A+ Storage has expanded the number of climate controlled storage units to enhance its already wide offering of various size standard units in Madison WI and Sun Prairie. There’s also a storage specialist on staff to answer questions and help determine which option is right for you.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 or email us for details on our climate controlled storage units in Sun Prairie, Deforest and Madison WI.