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Covering your furniture while in self storage protects it from bumps, scratches, etc.

Furniture storage is a challenge in many self storage situations.

Often times, the furniture you want to store has significant value. Unfortunately, because you have many other things to do with your life, learning now to pack and store furniture and other household items has never been a high priority.

Below are some self storage tips for furniture. At A+ Storage we recognize these items are important to you, which is why we have the best maintained self storage units in Madison WI and Sun Prairie areas. We also have a wide array of climate controlled storage units that are especially suited for high value items and collectables.


Preparing Couches, Beds and Mattresses For Self Storage

  • Many people do not know there are bags specifically designed to protect couches and chairs. They can usually be purchased at the storage facilities, along with other packing materials. If the storage facilities do not have them, moving companies will generally have them on hand for sale.
  • When storing couches or mattresses, stand them on end. This will maximize your storage space and prevent overloading.
  • When breaking down bed frames, be careful when taping screws, nuts and bolts to the frame. Do not have the tap cover finished areas that can be damaged.
  • Be careful not to store anything near your sofa or mattresses (fabric) that could potentially transfer color.

Tables, Chairs and Dresser Storage

  • To protect tables (and beds), disassemble them and wrap table legs in moving blankets or bubble wrap.
  • If you have a table that will not disassemble, place the table upside down with the legs pointing up. Be sure to use a moving blanket on pallets or boards on which you will be placing the table.
  • When possible, place chairs upside down on sturdy tables.
  • Use dresser tops for stacking lightweight boxes. Inside the dresser drawers place your small and fragile items.
  • Use stretch wrap to protect dressers and cabinets and to keep cabinet doors or dresser drawers closed while moving.

Lamps, Mirrors and Televisions Storage

  • Use bubble wrap or moving blankets to wrap lamp bases. Then pack them in a box designed for lamp storage. Use a cotton cover or loose plastic wrap for lamp shades. Then pack them in a box.
  • Reserve climate controlled storage units for storing liquid screen TVs and computer monitors. They can freeze and break with extreme climate changes as we experience in Madison WI.
  • Wrap you big screen TV in protective plastic, bubble wrap or with a few sheets and bedding. It is a target for bumps and crashes – protect your investment.
  • With mirrors and framed artwork, use specially designed cardboard corner protectors. Keep these items upright so they do not collapse under their own weight. Be sure to mark them as fragile.

General Furniture Self Storage In Madison WI

  • Use pallets or boards to raise items up and off the floor. This protects against moisture – or flooding. Create a moisture barrier by placing plastic tarp over the raised floor.
  • Cover furniture with cotton drop cloths or canvas tarps to keep dust off and allow for airflow. To prevent moisture from being trapped or wicking up to the furniture, make sure no fabric from furniture or covers is touching the floor.
  • To protect the corners and edges of valuable items, use bubble wrap or cardboard.
  • Allow all cleaning sprays used on furniture to dry thoroughly. Residual moisture contribute to the growth of mold while in storage.
  • Do not seal anything in plastic. Plastic will trap moisture causing mold, mildew and rot.
  • Save your back! Look for a drive-up storage unit or an inside storage unit on the ground floor. If your storage unit is on an upper level, be sure there’s an elevator.
  • Save your back again. Check to see if the facility has dollies or carts available.

Protecting You Belongings While In Self Storage

A+ Storage has self storage units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities in the Madison WI area. At two locations we have climate controlled storage units available. All are easy to get to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us for details about self storage units in Sun Prairie, Deforest and Madison WI.

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