Protecting Photos, Collectibles and Mementos In Self Storage

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Protecting photos, collectibles and mementos in self storage can help protect against harm in Madison WI

Self storage is a great way to preserve heirlooms and memories. Self Storage allows you to keep items important to you and your family in a safe, low traffic place. Too often when there is lack of space in a home, mementos or collectables have things stacked on them or are continually moved from place to place. This leads to scuffs, bends, creases, stains and so on.

Self storage can help you avoid worse scenarios. We’ve seen photos and other important items baked in attics to the point of materials being browned, brittle and even melted. We have also seen materials stored in basements and garages suffer from the ravages of moisture including mold, mildew, stains and disintegration.

Lack of space can help turn treasures into clutter. And, if you are not careful, your special memories can be turned to junk. Self storage provides extra square footage needed to save things you might otherwise have to sacrifice for lack of space.

Wherever you choose to store your photos, collectibles and mementos, the goal is to keep them in good condition while in storage. The following ideas will help you protect your memories –

Photo and Photo Album Self Storage

  • Place archival-quality paper between photographs to prevent them from sticking together. The paper can be purchased at most photography and craft stores.
  • To prevent warping of photos, place a piece of strong cardboard, plastic or wood between groups of loose photos to pack them tightly in boxes.
  • When using photo albums, use only albums of archival quality.
  • When placing photo albums, books or magazines in boxes, alternate placing the spine on the either side of the stack.
  • To prevent exposure to moisture – seal photos in airtight plastic bags.
  • Don’t forget to label for easy and quick reference.

Packing Fragile Collectibles and Mementos for Self Storage

  • For easy stacking, use same-size and quality boxes.
  • For packing dishes, be sure to pad the bottom of boxes with foam sheets.
  • Wrap each item separately in clean paper – never use newspaper because the ink can transfer
  • Stack tall fragile pieces in rows (glasses, vases etc.)
  • Between rows of packed items use double layers of paper
  • Pack items firmly next to each other (not too tight)
  • To prevent shifting during transport or lifting, fill empty spots within boxes with paper or packing peanuts
  • To further prevent shifting, cut pieces of boxes or cardboard to use as dividers in boxes
  • Reinforce the tops and bottoms of boxes with extra tape. This makes them more ridged and protects the contents from spilling out should the boxes tip in transit.
  • To protect the contents, mark boxes as fragile on all sides (in case someone is “helping” in the future).
  • Raise the boxes off the floor using wood, cardboard or plastic.

Climate Controlled Storage In Madison WI

Self Storage | Climate Controlled Storage | A+ Storage | Madison WI | Sun Prairie

In addition to climate controlled storage to maintain proper temperature, raising boxes off floors, firm reinforced storage boxes and proper packing will protect your most precious photos and mementos in Madison WI

Climate controlled storage can be extremely important for the preservation of photographs and photo albums. Maintaining consistent temperatures prevents damage to paper products and photo products. Ask your self storage facility manager about this option. Climate controlled storage is often available for a small additional cost.

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