Seasonal Self-storage Increases Space for Tools and Toys

Seasonal Self-storage| Self-storage Ideas | Madison WI

Remember when you used to get a car, maybe two in this garage? The overflow of seasonal possessions – lawnmowers, fishing/hunting gear and holiday decorations has encroached on useable space. Change that with a self-storage unit.

When seasons change homeowners face the dilemma of what to do with seasonal tools, toys and clothing. Seasonal self-storage options using conveniently located storage units are top of the list of efficient self-storage ideas. When the snowthrower competes for garage space with the lawnmower and snowmobiles are ready to give way to boats and the jetski, clutter hits its peak.

Seasonal Self-storage Provides Organization

One conveniently located unit provides for seasonal needs all year. Rotating through the seasons the space houses holiday decoration, summer and winter equipment and provides ideal storage for seasonal clothing. With forethought and a label-maker, seasonal items can be organized so the transition is smooth and effortless.

Timing Is Everything

When the temperatures begin to warm after a typical Madison WI winter, the transition to spring and summer begins. Basic actions around your seasonal self-storage plan include:

  • Pack cold weather wear – hats, sweaters, heavy coats, gloves

TIP FROM A PRO—Use storage boxes called “wardrobe boxes” that come equipped with a metal bar to accommodate clothes hangers. They are excellent self-storage ideas for all your clothing and can be rotated with the seasonal clothing.

  • Stow Winter sports gear – all personal winter sports gear should be cleaned and any repairs done now (nothing’s worse than getting excited about hitting the slopes only to find a bad binding you should have fixed last year!). That goes for snowmobiles, sleds, shovels and snowthrowers, too. Make sure any powered implements like snowmobiles and snowthrowers are completely drained of any gasoline before storing.
  • Organize Holiday Decorations – Put all the Halloween decorations in one place, all the Christmas decorations in another so when the time comes you can access what you need without going through everything.

TIP FROM A PRO—A good label-maker or labeling system is critical to organizing smaller elements you store in bags or boxes. Easy to read labels makes getting the most from your seasonal self-storage much easier.

When the last leaves fall in a few month, the process will reverse. In the late fall, consider moving the following into your seasonal self-storage unit:

  • Kayaks and canoes – paddles, PFDs, cartop carrying racks
  • Fishing gear
  • Bikes
  • Lawnmowers, fertilizer spreaders and related tools – as with winter implements, make sure everything is drained of all gasoline and any corrosive elements (fertilizer, etc.) is cleaned from every tool
  • Patio furniture – apply a coat of protective wax and use dust covers

Organization Tips

To facilitate easy access several times a year, consider adding shelves to your unit. Self-storage ideas that include shelving make every square inch of space useful. Even with shelving, consider the following tips for ready access to seasonal self-storage:

  • Label everything you cannot see clearly – boxes, bags, etc.
  • Use the largest, heaviest boxes on the bottom when stacking – provide a solid foundation
  • Always place fragile materials – Christmas decorations, lights, dishes, etc. – on shelves or where they have solid support
  • Keep the most often required items close to the front
  • Store items in a logical pattern – organized by holiday, sport or use
  • Keep in mind you’ll want to get in and out without moving everything – create a pathway

Unique Seasonal Self-storage Needs

Holiday decoration may be fragile enough to require extra care. And all your clothing should be given priority treatment. Self-storage units with climate control can protect these delicate possessions from the whim of heat and humidity. If you’re storing clothing, make sure it is clean before going into storage so it comes out ready to wear. Protect clothing in garment bags or pack it in luggage.

Beyond the seasonal requirements represented on the calendar, there are additional storage needs that appear unexpectedly or only at certain times of year, including:

  • College Students – Students move back home for the summer or head off to an internship or seasonal job, leaving furniture, clothing and gear behind. Rather than add to the garage or basement overflow explore self-storage ideas.
  • Business Overflow – When a home-based business or small enterprise has extra inventory, unexpected growth spurts or takes on new clients, self-storage provides plenty of room for the ebb and flow. Seasonal trade events require additional preparation and collection of display materials, marketing supplies, etc.
  • Family Changes – Weddings, retirements and taking care of elderly relatives can result in sudden increases in material to store. These seasonal self-storage needs don’t last, but when they appear a nearby unit is ideal.

Seasonal Self-storage Options Abound

There are storage options just right for your “as needed” requirements in facilities in the Madison WI area. A+ Storage has units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities. Two locations include climate controlled units. All are readily accessible to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us to explore self-storage ideas and setup your seasonal self-storage in the Madison WI area.