Self-storage Protects Possessions During Remodeling

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What happens to valuable possessions when the contractors take over for a major remodeling project?

Keeping personal possessions safe during a large-scale, long-term remodeling process is an important consideration. That’s where using a climate controlled self-storage facility becomes a worthwhile investment. When you decide to bring in a professional contractor to remove walls, install new windows, drywall or lighting, the crews need space for tools and materials. What do you do with your furnishings? Cram them into another room – losing even more living space? Risk damage by relegating them to the garage?

Your choices in the Madison aren’t limited to these options. There are convenient self-storage units that offer both climate-controlled and traditional space. There are even portable containers that fit in your driveway – consider space required for a contractor’s dumpster and local municipal regulations before choosing this option.

During a major renovation project, nothing is where it used to be. Tables and chairs are replaced by miter saws and ladders. No matter how careful a work crew is, there will be spills and materials will fall. Protecting your prized possessions is your responsibility.

Self-storage Choices

If the timing of your project is such that it will be completed in a relatively short time, a portable container in your yard or driveway is worth considering. You can easily load and unload whenever you’re ready. But if the project will last more than a few days, these units can damage lawns and displease neighbors.

A remote self-storage unit is the choice for projects extending into weeks or months. They are also the option that can accommodate multiple room renovations. To determine what fits your needs, consider:

  • Will the project require knocking out a wall or walls?
  • Will it create new rooms?
  • Is this a complete new addition?
  • Will it require moving or installing electrical, HVAC or plumbing systems?
  • Will revisions include walls, floors and ceilings?

Any of these will require a safe place to store furnishings and small possessions. You want to protect your furniture, artwork, window treatments and other belongings. And that means protect them from damage and other threats. Depending upon the individual pieces, a traditional storage unit may be the best option. Most facilities in Madison WI offer sizes ranging from a 5’x10’ unit to a 10’x50’ unit.

If you’re just looking for safe storage for a relatively short time or for basic, non-sensitive items, tradition storage will work. But, if you have possessions you want to treat very carefully, climate controlled storage is worth looking into. Typical items that benefit from a climate controlled environment are:

  • Computers
  • Stereo equipment/electronics
  • Painting
  • Photos
  • Books
  • Business documents
  • Fabric Items
  • Antiques
  • Wooden furniture

Leaning Toward Climate Controlled Self-Storage

Once you decide what you want to store and how it should be protected, consider:

  • How long will these items be in the storage unit? The longer anything is stored, the more environmental changes will have an impact.
    • If you’re not sure how long the project will really take, it is better to be cautious and go with a long-term solution.
    • If you’ll be making frequent visits to the storage unit, consider a non-controlled space. The more often the space is opened, the less efficient the climate controls are.
  • Leather and fabric items are less likely to fade, yellow or lose their feel when temperature extremes are eliminated.
  • Because they are sealed, environmentally controlled units are overall cleaner since dust and dirt is kept out.

Remodeling can be stressful and it is much easier when you know belongings are protected, safe and secure. A+ Storage has units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities in the Madison WI area. Two locations include climate controlled units. All are readily accessible to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us for details on how self-storage units can protect your possessions during remodeling in the Madison WI area.