Self-Storage Tips for Transition to Storing Summer RVs

Storing Summer RVs | Self-Storage | Madison WI

A Garage of its Own — Think of all the space you’ll have at home when you find an appropriate storage unit for storing summer RVs. From convertibles to campers, kayaks, bikes and the jet ski, there’s a storage facility just right to handle off-season storage for all your “toys.”

Well before the Madison WI lakes begin to freeze and snow is drifting is the time to plan for storing summer RVs. Rather than taking up valuable garage or driveway space, a nearby self-storage unit can be a wise investment. Boats, campers, jet-skies, bicycles and all their related gear need to find a home for the winter – and give up their current spots to cold weather gear.

It seems that space is always a premium and valuable “toys” like boats, jet skis and campers do double-duty in the offseason, becoming storage racks on their own in a garage – hosting all sorts of debris while gathering dust and dirt. There’s the option of a farmer’s outbuilding or shed for storing summer RVs, but does that get your valuable possessions out of the completely out of the elements and free of pests?

Boats, camper of whatever your recreational vehicle may be, it represents a significant investment and its value goes well beyond its price tag. Protecting it in a secure self-storage unit, free from external threats, makes sense. Not only is it convenient, it’s smart.

When you’re setting your recreational vehicles aside for the offseason you want to be sure they are safe from:

  • The sun’s harmful deteriorating effects – even the winter sun can harm canvas tops, trailer tires and finishes.
  • Pests – More than one boat’s interior and engine compartment will require significant repair next spring thanks to a family of mice, chipmunks or raccoons nibbling on wire, fabrics or leather as they settle into their winter retreat.
  • Trees – A large tree limb coming down under the weight of a heavy snowfall can do hundreds of dollars damage to a boat stored on a trailer next to the garage.
  • Vandals – slashed canvas and trailer tires or smashed taillights are more than minor inconveniences.
  • Theft – A prized possession safely locked in its own self-storage unit in a secure facility isn’t likely to wind up being dragged down the road in the middle of the night.

Steps to Take Before Storing Summer RVs

Before you shift your RV to its winter storage space it needs to have a complete checkup. Here are items to pay attention to:

  • A good cleaning, inside and out – Give the unit a good wash and maybe a wax job. Don’t put it away dirty so grime can really eat into it during the offseason.
  • Review the Operator’s Manual – Every vehicle comes with a book that outlines the best pre-storage process – maintaining the engine etc. Follow it.
  • No fuel. No spark – Make sure all fuel tanks are completely empty and/or removed. Most facilities won’t allow storing flammable materials like gas – in some municipalities it’s a law. Disconnect and/or remove the battery.
  • Keep moisture out – use moisture absorbing products on the interior to reduce as much moisture as possible, close and seal any vents.
  • Inflate Tires – Make sure trailer tires are inflated to the maximum recommended pressure – they will lose tire pressure as temperatures change, etc.
    • NOTE – If tires will be sitting on concrete for an extended period it’s wise to put them on a piece of plywood or another insulator to keep them from direct contact with the floor. The chemistry of concrete, over time, can have harmful effects on rubber.

Repair dings and damage – Take the time now to repair any damage, buff out or redo little things – this will get you going faster next spring. Use spray lubricants and metal protection sprays on locks, connections and fasteners to prevent rust, corrosion and freezing.

Find the Right Place for Storing Summer RVs

Self-storage units are worth their price in terms of peace of mind, as well as the security and protection they provide. Leaving any RV, large or small, outside during a Madison WI winter will accelerate aging and depreciate value. Free up space in your garage or around the property and rest easier this winter.

Now is the time to contract for a short-term self-storage unit for storing summer RVs. They are affordable, functional and flexible. A+ Storage has units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities in the Madison WI area. Two locations include climate controlled units. All are readily accessible to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us for details on how a versatile short-term self-storage unit can be the solution to storing summer RVs in the Madison WI area.