Short Term Storage — Solutions to Temporary Needs

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Even a small self-storage unit can be the answer to your short term storage needs when you plan and pack accordingly.

Short term storage is an ideal answer to the question: “What do we do with this stuff?” Today’s hectic lifestyles are full of transitions – young people coming home from college of preparing to move for a new job; a lengthy remodeling project; an expanding business venture; the accumulation of furnishings from major changes in the family, or staging a home for sale. All these and many more can make use of self-storage options in the Madison WI area.

In addition to asking what to do with accumulated processions, ask how long does it have to be stored? If you don’t need to tuck it away for a long time, don’t. Get extras out of your way for a little while with a short term arrangement.

Short Term Storage is Flexible, Affordable

If need to store a college grad’s possessions for a few months prior to a big move to a new city, contract for a self-storage option that doesn’t lock you into unneeded space or extra expense. The benefits of short tern storage include:

  • Size Options – more size options are available for rental units designed for faster turnover and shorter occupancy – smaller units are more likely to be available on a short term basis so you can find the right size for your temporary needs.
  • Easy Access – when possessions go into storage you don’t anticipate needing any of them for a while but that’s seldom the way it works out. Self-storage units are readily available so you can retrieve items as needed.
  • Convenience – During a transition or household change a little extra space can be priceless.
  • Versatile – storage units are selected depending upon the size of the items you’re storing and the sensitivity of them. Books, documents, clothing, antiques and other delicate valuables can be secured in climate controlled units.

Plan Ahead As Much As Possible

Self-storage | Madison WI | Sun Prairie | Deforest | A+ Storage

There’s a self-storage space to fit your short term storage needs big or small.

The need for short term storage can be foreseen well in advance, or it might come up overnight – you know when a college student is coming home for the summer but can’t anticipate a failed sump pump or burst water pipe! When you can, plan ahead by reviewing the sizes, shapes and sensitivities of the processions going into storage. The planning process should include:

  • Make a list – document all the items you plan to store (you may be surprised at how much you really have).
  • Consider Size – on your list estimate (or measure) the size of the larger items. Can you pack a space floor-to-ceiling or do you need floor space?
  • Special Needs – do any of your stored possessions require special handling – climate control?
  • Containers – think about the best containers for valuables – will boxes do or should you purchase plastic tubs, special wraps for mattresses, etc.? Are there fragile items that need to be padded?
  • Insurance – even a temporary situation requires protecting valuables from fire, theft or damage.
  • Timing – put together a timeline for when things will go into the short term storage unit and when it will be coming out.
  • Labor – always worth planning in advance when you can who will help stack boxes and lift heavy objects (don’t take your best friend for granted!).

Tips for Self-storage Users

The most helpful tip for anyone planning to use a self-storage unit is to apply common sense. If your possessions are worth storing, they’re worth storing right. Whether you need your short term storage for 30 days, 3 months or half a year, take the time to protect your gear while in storage. Here are tips from moving and storage professionals to consider:

  • Off The Floor – the floors of most self-storage units are concrete and concrete is susceptible to moisture like condensation in humid Madison WI weather. Use pallets to get boxes and furnishings off the floor – or create a system of your own to raise things off the floor.
  • Pack Well – if you have items you know won’t be needed, wrap them in heavy-duty plastic to keep out dust, bugs and moisture. Seal boxes with heavy-duty tape. Use bubble wrap or something similar for breakable pieces.
  • Use Labels – you may know what’s in each box as you pack it but they all look alike stacked in a storage unit. When it comes time to remove boxes and tubs, knowing what goes where is so much easier when everything is labeled on Day One. And, should you need to find something before you’re ready to move out, a good label saves headaches.

QUICK TIPnumbering boxes and making a drawing of the floorplan/shelves with a brief inventory of what’s in where can also be beneficial if you know you’ll be accessing items regularly.

  • Stack With Purpose – pay attention to what’s in each container and how often you might want to get into it as you fill your space. Even small short term storage spaces can hold a lot when packed properly. Create stabilized layers with heavier, bigger boxes on the bottom and smaller on top.

QUICK TIPuse a piece of plywood or shelf boards across several rows of boxes to create stable layers and disperse weight more evenly across the tops of the lower boxes.

Short Term Storage Options Close At Hand

There are storage options just right for your requirements in the Madison WI area. A+ Storage has storage units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities. Two locations include climate controlled units. All are readily accessible to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us to visit our self-storage units and review your short term storage options in the Madison WI area.