Tips For Using Storage Units Madison

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An extra layer of protection for everything you store in self storage units is common sense. If it’s good enough to store, its good enough to protect.

If you are renting storage units, there is a good chance it is a temporary situation. Whether the storage units are needed for thirty days, thirty months or more, organizing what you are storing and protecting while it is stored is important.

In other words, if it’s important enough to keep in storage units, it’s important enough to protect.

Below are few ideas to help you protect your belongings while they are in storage units.

  • Use a Pallet – Keeping items off the floor adds extra protection. Some self storage facilities are new and well-constructed while others might be susceptible to dampness, melting snow or even water from heavy storms in the summer months. Pallets are inexpensive and sturdy and will protect furniture and other items from water damage from below.
  • Wrap When Possible – Heavy duty industrial plastic wrap can protect against moisture, dust and potentially insects, etc. By sealing your belongings up tight, you are providing another layer of protection.
  • Use A Small, Sturdy Lock – Storage facilities usually have security in the form of fences, video surveillance and lighting. However, it doesn’t mean there might not be a breach in some way. Using an all-weather padlock with a short arm helps to prevent bolt cutters from sliding in to cut open the lock.
  • Label Your Items – While you know what you are putting in storage units, time may make it difficult to remember what is where. Labeling will help you find what you need should you have to dig for something a few months down the line. Making a checklist for hanging inside the door telling you where something might be can also be very helpful especially if you are storing smaller items within other items like a desk or dresser.
  • Plan For Temperature Variations – Unless you have a climate controlled storage units, the temperature will change. Hot in summer and cold in winter. Some things do not do well in widely varying temperatures as we have in Madison Wisconsin. Electronics, vinyl records, and old photos all can be affected negatively without proper storage preparation.
  • For Winter Months Carry Sand – Outdoor storage units are built so water drains away from doors. However, depending on conditions, freezing and melting, large ice slicks can form outside the doors. To protect yourself, having sand, cat litter or even spare sheets of plywood can be helpful if loading or unloading.
  • Bust Out Your Stacking Skills – The smallest storage units can hold a great deal. To use the space most wisely, planning to stabilize layers will be safer and allow you to use the space most efficiently. For example, using a sheet of plywood to lay across several boxes can help stabilize layers as you stack. It will disperse the weight across the top of all of the boxes on the lower layers and will help keep things safer.

Traditional and Climate Controlled Storage Units

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