Custom-designed Units Cater Contractor Storage Needs

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Contractors have to carry enough to their worksite every day without worrying about where to store extra tools, building materials and supplies.

As demands for building and remodeling spread, jobsites move further and further from the office, increasing contractor storage challenges. Strategically placed secure self-storage facilities have become ideal satellite offices for tradesmen and contractors working in Madison WI and throughout Dane County.

A building project often requires weeks or months of time on jobsites. Contractors bring their personal tools and essentials with them every day. As the job progresses they have to access more and more raw materials. Materials brought from the head office, lumber yards and parts depots. There’s nothing more frustrating than delays caused by extra trips to pick up tools or waiting for supplies. Worse yet, contractors worry every day about valuables stored on a jobsite. Damage and theft are real concerns. A secure self-storage unit near the jobsite is the answer.

Custom Units Cater to Contractor Storage

A+ Storage, with facilities readily accessible from throughout Dane County, has created specifically designed Contractor Bays to be used for safe contractor storage and as satellite offices. Available in 20- by 50-foot and 40- by 50-foot sizes, these Contractor Bays included roughed in bathrooms and can be finished for storage or as a field office.

A customized contractor storage site can house anything from batteries for power tools to ladders, lifts, flooring, carpets and fixtures. Anything that needs protection from damage, theft or the elements is worthy of a place inside a storage site.

Who benefits from Secure Self-storage? The list of construction-related businesses that benefit from access to a short-term storage facility is a long one. Among the top candidates are:

  • Retailers/Distributors – a company that supplies tools, fasteners and building supplies to contractors benefits from a satellite warehouse by reducing the mileage trucked to make deliveries. A pallet of nails delivered from a main warehouse 20 miles away eats up profits while one picked up at or delivered from a storage unit 10 minutes from the jobsite is efficient.
  • Home Builders – protecting tools and materials is vital. Making it easier on crews to get materials when they need them builds in efficiency and profit.
  • Tradesmen – plumbers, electrical and HVAC contractors all need an assortment of supplies from small components to large appliances. Carrying them around in a truck or going back for additional items isn’t a great use of time. A nearby cache of vital elements keeps crews on the job longer.
  • Landscapers – when putting down sod or planting shrubs you never know when another bag of fertilizer will be required, or when a belt will break on vital implement. Spare parts take up a lot of room on trucks and trailers. Easy access to a nearby “tool crib” is a perk and you don’t have to rearrange everything in the van, truck or trailer.

Access Boost Profits

In any contractor situation, time is money. Time away from the job to retrieve tools, supplies or paperwork is taking away from the project’s profit margin. The effective use of contractor storage options translate to money well-spent. Making use of custom-designed Contractor Bays is an even better investment.

Secure self-storage for a commercial enterprise has different guidelines than for a homeowner storing snowmobiles or extra furniture. Before agreeing to move-in, review the following with the site manager:

  • Operating machines, power tools and related equipment – some areas may have sound restrictions, concerns for fuel, etc. If you’re planning to use a compressor or table saw for example, clear it with management first.
  • Taking Deliveries – ideal contractor storage like units from A+ Storage allow for deliveries to be made directly to individual unit or the main office.
  • Installing computers, WI-FI and other electronics – Many secure self-storage facilities offer wireless computer access.
  • Plumbing and Electrical – Contractor Bays are roughed for bathrooms. Is there anything else you’d need to complete a profitable satellite office?

Tips for Contractor Storage Success

To make the most of a storage unit, contractors should be aware of a few basics:

  • Clean First, Always – before putting tools into your storage unit clean than and do whatever preventive maintenance is suggested. Dust, dirt and moisture can result in rust if metals are stored for even a few days.
  • Organized Space – before stocking your unit, give some thought to which tools you’ll need most often and be sure they are near the entrance. Don’t waste time searching for a special drill bit or saw blade when you know in advance you’ll need it early in the process.
  • Don’t ‘Hide’ Things – store your tools and supplies in clear tubs or well-marked containers. Protect everything but make it easy to spot what you want.
  • Think ‘Mobile’ – Storing items in plastic tubs stacked on pallets or light-weight shelves makes it easy to move from storage to jobsite.
  • No Climbing – always create walkways between racks and equipment. The basis for secure self-storage is increasing efficiency. Climbing over boxes or machines to retrieve a tool isn’t efficient.
  • Climate Control is a Tool – investing in climate control for your contractor storage option pays dividends, especially when using the space as a field office. Protecting tools, building supplies, permits and plans from temperature and moisture fluctuations is an added measure of security.

Contractor Storage Options Close At Hand

There are storage options just right for contractors of all kinds in the Madison WI area. A+ Storage has storage units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities. Two locations include climate controlled units. All are readily accessible to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us to visit our secure self-storage units and review our custom contractor storage options in the Madison WI area.