Do-it-yourself Options for Small Business Storage Needs

Small Business Self Storage | Madison WI | A + Storage

Another shipment of supplies came in and there’s are out-going orders ready to go – and the garage is already full! Now’s the time a self-storage unit really pays for itself.

Home-based and start-up companies need space to store inventory and supplies, making versatile self-storage units ideal solutions for small business storage. Madison WI is home to an assortment of small business ventures, each facing the reality of high-priced office rental. Add the cost of renting warehouse space and you have a serious dent in cash flow. An appropriately size temporary storage unit can take stress out of an over-crowded office.

Is your business taking over your home – dominating the use of the kitchen table or overflowing into the garage? Has what began as a home office become a home office plus warehouse, shipping and receiving? Paperwork and production details can take over every available space. When is it time to take the home-based business outside?

Often called “personal storage units,” the many different self-storage facilities available today work hard for individuals and companies. There are normally three different sized units that can be adapted to handle all sorts of small business storage requirements. Do you need an expanded closet or a garage-sized space? Are the products and materials you store sensitive to heat and humidity? A climate controlled unit may be the exact thing to keep your small business going. A 200- or 300-square-foot unit can expand your business quickly without long-term leases and high prices.

Efficient Business Option

Creating a strong impression on prospects and clients is important to a small company. Office space that doubles as a warehouse doesn’t send the message you’re hoping for. Using an off-site space for extra supplies and inventory is a wise investment. One of the many versatile self-storage options is less expensive that leasing commercial warehouse space unless you have extra-large demands. Being able to concentrate on daily business in your office is a major plus. Easy access to supplies and inventory in a safe and secure location is another plus. It’s an efficient way to do business.

As business takes off your use of the self-storage option can be expanded or it can be considered a temporary solution during peak demand. As other facilities are up-dated, remodeled or expanded an off-site unit can become a clean, safe small business storage solution. Whether for temporary overflow, regularly scheduled increases in inventory or day-to-day operation a self-storage unit makes sense. Both in the dollars and the logical kind.

For large and small business storage, self-storage units are affordable, functional and flexible. Their versatility proves them to be a wise investment and a hard-working business tool.

An organized small  business storage plan is a true benefit to businesses of most sizes. A+ Storage has units of all sizes available at three separate storage facilities in the Madison WI area. Two locations include climate controlled units. All are readily accessible to for Dane county residents in Waunakee, Middleton, Verona, Fitchburg, Oregon, McFarland, Monona, and Cottage Grove.

Call A+ Storage at 608-837-5113 in Sun Prairie or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us for details on how a versatile self-storage unit can be the solution to your small business storage needs in the Madison WI area.