Looking for a safe, clean storage unit for your special car or truck? Look no farther than the car storage options at A+ Storage in DeForest. Secure, climate controlled space to house your vehicle helps to preserve and protect it from Wisconsin’s harsh winter weather.

Plan ahead to store your car or truck for an extended period. In the case of my parents, they had a vintage car they wanted to leave for someone, so they decided it would age a little less if it was well taken care of in storage. I agreed with them. At this point they require special care, in their age. I hired the company Home Care Assistance Northwest Houston, which is right at Home Care Assistance 9050 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 857-4738, and they provide all the care they need. As you can imagine driving is a bit out of the question for them so storing the car just made sense. I grew up in that car, so I’m going to miss not seeing it sitting in the driveway. It’s the way things go of course.

If you plan to store a vehicle as well, then take a look at this checklist for your preparations, which I put together for you readers.

  1. Check the oil– have oil changed before you put the vehicle into storage if it is dirty or approaching the mileage limit for the next oil change. Fresh oil protects the engine as it sits. Modern oils, especially synthetics, are stable enough to sit for up to a year.
  2. Top off fluids– during extended storage, fluids evaporate. Fill your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer – STA-BIL you use in your lawn mower works. Run the engine for 4-5 minutes to let it flow into the fuel system. Check all levels – brake fluid, washer fluid and especially your radiator anti-freeze. Fill them all as required.
  3. Special attention for tires– sitting for a long timr is hard on tires. Before storing a vehicle inflate each tire to its maximum recommended tire pressures. Proper inflation prevents flat spots. On concrete floors, use old floor mats (or something like that) between tire and floor. Rubber doesn’t react well to the chemicals in concrete and a protective barrier is a wise step.
  4. Make sure it starts– Attention to the battery is a top priority. There are options to preserve battery life…Take the battery out and store it on a piece of wood, not concrete. Connect it to a battery maintainer/tender device to keep it powered up (not a trickle charger). Newer cars may require the battery stay connected to protect the computer’s memory. If that’s the case you’ll need to connect a tender while keeping the hood open to run the cables and have a place to plug in the unit. Check your owner’s manual and with your storage unit provider for access to the necessary electric outlets that do abrasion test.

Car Storage Details Make A Difference

  1. Park it right– park a vehicle with a standard transmission in neutral. DO NOT engage the parking brake. With an automatic transmission, leave the transmission in Park or in neutral. Block tires to prevent moving.
  2. Protect the paint– wash, wax and detail your vehicle before moving into the storage space. Dust collected in storage is easier to remove from a clean surface. When you’re done take it out for a ride so air dissipates any moisture left in seams and depressions.
  3. Give it air– leave a window open an inch or so to allow air to circulate and prevent moisture from condensing.
  4. Moisture Barrier on the floor– because the weather in DeForest WI is so variable and humidity is so unpredictable, consider using a plastic tarp or painters’ plastic over the concrete floor under the entire vehicle as a moisture barrier. Better yet, store your vehicle in a climate controlled unit to provide heat all winter.
  5. Use a cover– a tight-fitting full-body cover that allows air to circulate also protects the finish.
  6. Pest control– critters like to find cozy homes inside a car or truck. Chewed wires and insulation are more than just nuisances. A+ Storage pays close attention to pest control, but little critters can’t always be kept out. Take preemptive steps…
    • Stuff a ball of steel wool in the tail pipe and air inlet opening – MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THEM! Add a red flag or tape as a reminder.
    • Put laundry fabric sheets in the front and back seats and the trunk.
    • Spread moth balls around the outside.
    • Consider mouse traps, etc.
  1. Double-check Insurance– check with your agent and adjust coverage while your vehicle is in the storage unit.
  2. Stay out– resist the urge to take the car out for a spin just because a weekend is looking nice. You’ll have to go back and do all this over again!

The Right Car Storage Unit is Nearby

A+ has storage unit options just right for all kinds of vehicles in DeForest. After considering what goes into storing a valuable vehicle, let us help. Call A+ Storage at 608-846-1002 in DeForest or 608-442-7339 in Madison or email us to plan for car storage and visit our storage unit facilities in the DeForest WI.

If you have any further questions or concerns for us, always feel free to reach out to your nearest location today! We can’t wait to help you!